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Incorporate Online for Non-UK Residents

UK Company Formation for Non-UK Residents

There are two types of UK companies that we recommend and offer for company formation for non-UK resident owners. These are:

The UK Company laws permit company formation with non- resident shareholders and non-resident directors. This situation is ideal for our non- resident clients who want to register a UK company as part of their strategic business plans.

The Ltd Company is the most popular UK incorporation form. This is a UK company that issues shares to non-resident shareholders, and provides limited liability protection for the shareholders of the UK Limited company. A Limited company is managed by a board of Directors, and can distribute profits through dividends, which are not subject to National Insurance contributions.

Another popular UK company registration business entity with non-residents is the UK LLP. This is a business structure that combines the simple management style of a partnership and provides limited liability protection for the non-resident members (partners).

What are the Advantages of UK Company Formation for Non-UK Residents?

The advantages of a UK company formation with non-resident directors and shareholders are not limited to the tax advantages; there are many other benefits in UK company registration which include:

What are the Company Formation Requirements?

It seems like a UK company formation with non-resident officers should be more complicated, however it is not. Company registration for non-residents is as simple as incorporation for UK residents. You will need to provide the following documents:

We will process the UK company order and send you a full kit of company incorporation documents. UK company formation with non-residents is process that can be completed within 24 hours.

UK Companies Structures with Non Residents

A UK company registration allows the UK company formation with non-UK resident corporate entities, which is a benefit on its own.

UK Company Formation for Non-Residents

We specialise in UK company registration with non-resident directors shareholders. Our company understands the requirements for UK company formation with non-residents and we know how to approach UK banks for your bank account application to be successful.

by Elena Genovese