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Incorporate Online for Non-UK Residents

Why use Us as your Company Formation Agents?

There are many UK company formation agents to choose from to incorporate your company, but very few of these agents understand and provide for the needs of non- residents who wish to register a limited company or LLP in the UK. It might be very appealing to go for a cheap and inexpensive UK company formation packages, but you might soon realise, that you need other services that are not provided by these types of packages.

One typical example would be to open a business bank account after your UK company formation. Most UK formation agents will not offer you a bank introduction service, as soon as you indicate that you are non-UK resident.

You might need to legalise (Notarise or Apostile) your documents for use in your country of residence. This is not a service provided by most other UK company registration agents.

Our Global packages are aimed at non-residents featuring all the products you may require, however you can choose to use our residents packages as long as you make yourself aware of the restrictions that may apply, typically postage is only within the UK mainland. You can add courier service to outside of the UK mainland if you choose. Also, the bank introductions will not be applicable to you from these packages. If you’re not sure please contact us.

To help you to make the right choice, we have prepared the chart below on how UK Companies Limited compares to other company formation agents in the UK, and why you should consider choosing us as your company registration agents.

Companies House UK Companies Limited Other UK Formation Agents
Not Applicable We are an authorised UK company formation agent by Companies House Not many UK incorporation agents are authorised by Companies House and work through 3rd parties
Complicated forms, Legal terminology Simplicity and easy to follow steps with incorporation, no complicated terminology Varies from site to site
No Bank Account Assistance Bank Account Introduction service to the UK and other European banks Most company formation agents in UK do not offer bank introduction to non-residents
Good Service, turnaround time of 1 working day subject to the volume of formations Excellent customer support and quick turnaround of orders, we can help you to fill in the UK company formation forms if needed. Satisfactory customer support, mainly online forms submission with no personal assistance
No Packages are offered We offer a choice of comprehensive UK company formation packages with an option to add additional services. Packages are offered, but with no additional services suitable for non-residents. Many formation agents include items you do not require
Not Applicable Our company is registered under the Data Protection Act. We do not share your information with any 3rd party without your consent. Not all UK company formation agents are registered under the Data Protection Act
Companies House UK Companies Limited Other UK Formation Agents

by Elena Genovese