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UK Company Registration – What Documents are Required?

UK Company Formation Process

Company formation is the process of company registration with Companies House. Before you start a UK company registration, you would need to check if your chosen UK company name is available. Companies House will reject company names similar to existing incorporated companies. Our registration process will take one working day, providing UK Companies Limited, as your company incorporation agent, has all the documents and information required for company registration, and is in receipt of full payment for any services ordered.

Documents for Company Registration in UK

The required documents for UK company formation in respect of non-residents are exactly the same as for UK residents. Companies House does not differentiate between the two categories. During the process of completing your forms to register a UK Company, you will be required to provide information about the UK Company Director, i.e. residential address, nationality, occupation, service address and personal identity information to generate a UK Company authentication code. We ask for the following personal information during the process of a UK company registration: 3 letters of your Mother’s maiden name; the last 3 digits of your telephone number; and first 3 letters of your eye colour. The same information is required for a company Secretary (if you choose to appoint one) or Shareholder.

The reason for a UK company authentication code is to comply with the UK Companies Act 2006 and to replace the signature on paper application forms submitted to Companies House electronically during a formation. A company can file documents electronically but you must use this code to authenticate the documents when submitting. Without the authentication code your UK Company filing documents will be rejected. UK Companies Limited will advise you of the company authentication code generated upon completion of your UK company formation.

UK Company Registration Identification

Money Laundering Legislation regulates the company formations process in the United Kingdom. UK Companies Limited, as a UK company formations agent, is required to verify the identity of its clients when they use one of the following services:

  1. The use of our Registered office address services, which is included in all Company Formation packages we offer — UK Ltd companies and UK LLP
  2. Nominee services of Director/Shareholder/Secretary — all copies must be certified
  3. Mail forwarding

UK Company Incorporation — Documents for Non-residents

For Packages without Nominee Services, UK Companies Limited will require the Client’s full name, date of birth, permanent residential address, Home telephone number and a copy of the page of the International passport with the photo. We will also need proof of the residential address.

All documents requested in respect of a UK company formation are compulsory and we will not proceed with a UK company registration without them.

The documents required in respect of a client wishing to use Nominee Services for a UK Company include proof of identity; proof of residential address and a professional reference letter. We reserve the right to ask for additional information (if required) for company registration in the UK.

You can scan and e-mail all documents or information for company registration before we proceed with your UK company incorporation to .

by Elena Genovese